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STORYBOARD - SAFARICA; a detour through Africa

By: The Safaricans, Knut (k) & Jens (j)

When writing this, the story has not yet really started: it is only an idea that is about to turn into something more. The Story of the Safaricans and our friends and guests will be written down as things happen. Hopefully it will be a exciting, fun and entertaining story. We are not fully in charge of the "script" ourselves, therefor we hope Odd III (our car), a fair amount of luck, and the people and animals of Africa will help us making this a memorable and joyful story. We are sorry to tell that some of the text will be in norwegian. However we will try our best to write this in english. Anyway there will probably be lots of misspellings and bad language, so be prepared for a laugh. At the links to the left (under Storybord) you'll find our story as things happens on the way, sorted out in one link for every country.

Oslo, May '06

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Our trip is now unfortunatly over but keep coming back as we may soon be leaving for another trip...

Oslo, December ยด07

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